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        We have developed various temperature control valves and electric switches, which adopt thermostatic wax’s principle that can transfer thermal energy into mechanical energy, and can automatically regulate valve’s opening by controlled medium change in temperature. It concentrates on measurement and performing and various auto-control function which can control temperature, limit temperature, control quantity of flow and passageway conversion, etc. Our products are widely applied to different filed such as heating in city, heating, air-conditioner, hot water system and petrochemical industry, fire control, safety, human life serves, etc.


        1. No need for external power source to realize automatic control.
        2. No abrasion in operation, having no noise and other environmental pollution.
        3. Small valve’s body and occupying space is very limited, so the price ratio is satisfied.
        4. Control accuracy in temperature is good and reliable.
        5. Convenience to install, easy to maintain.

        Temperature Control Valve Style

        1. Thermostatic Water Mixing Valve
        It is suitable to use in independent hot water system in small building such as household, hotel, bath , hospital and so on. It automatically mix cold and hot water and ensures constancy of water temperature. It can not only obtain satisfactory water temperature, but also is economic and safe.

        Main Parameters:  Pressure: 0.1~ 0.5 Mpa
        Cold Water Temperature: 8~20 ℃
        Hot Water Temperature: 50~85 ℃
        Cold and Hot Mixing Rate in Temperature: 5: 1
        Temperature Control Range: 26~65 ℃
         Cold and Hot Water Intake: 16mm, 20mm, 32mm
        Water Outlet: 16mm, 20mm, 32mm, 40mm

        2. Radiator Thermostatic Valve

        It is suitable to use in temperature control with room radiator. It comes to regulate and control room temperature by adjusting the flow of hot water. It is a product of economic and energy saving. When room temperature goes up or falls down, thermo-sensitive wax starts to expand and shrink, it pushes valve switch automatic opening (semi-opening ) or closing (semi-closing ) for realizing control of input water reaching the purpose of energy saving.

        Main Parameters: Nominal Pressure: 1.0 Mpa
        Regulatory Scale: 0~5
        Temperature Control Range: 8~28℃
        Specification: 3/4"、1"

        3. Temperature Control Valve (outside style)

        Thermostatic Element (outside style) is applied to temperature control within a adequate distance. It will automatically control On and Off of temperature control valve in a constant temperature by regulating temperature switch button and choosing a constancy of temperature to regulate medium flow. It is suitable for use in various of temperature control pipeline

        Main Parameters: Nominal Pressure: 1.0Mpa
        Temperature Control Range: -10~120℃
        Specification: 1/2"、3/4"、1"

        4. Washing-up Valve

        The washing-up valve is automatic temperature control valve. When liquid temperature reaches a given temperature value, the valve automatically is opened. When temperature falls down to temperature value, the valve automatically is closed. Thus water temperature of valve outlet always is a constant of temperature. It is suitable for use in washing-up operation needed constant temperature.

        Main Parameters:  Nominal Pressure: 1.0 Mpa
        Temperature Control Range: 0~100℃
        Specification: 1/4"、1/2"

        5. Water Temperature Switching Valve

        When the temperature of liquid flow through the valve and temperature was changed (no matter it is going up or falling down), thermostatic element of the valve promptly starts to move, and makes the original liquid flowing channel is closed. The liquid may flow to another channel to heating or cool liquid to keep no any change with flowing liquid temperature.

        Main Parameters: Temperature Control range: 10~28℃
        Specification: 1/4"、1/2"、3/4"、1"

        6. Temperature Control Tee Valve

        It is suitable for use in regulating pipeline’s temperature. When the temperature of flowing medium goes up or falls down, thermostatic element of the valve promptly starts to move, and makes the original flowing medium pipeline closed. The original flowing medium may flow to another pipeline. After flowing medium’s temperature returns to original temperature, the thermostatic element of valve returns to original situation, the bypassed pipeline is closed,  original pipeline is opened, flowing medium goes back to the original pipeline.

          Main Parameters: Nominal Pressure: 1.0 Mpa
        Temperature Control Range: 10 ~120℃
        Specification: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″
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